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Gehn v.8 is Live!

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The previous release of Gehn 7 introduced a number of bugs and unintended side effects which affected anything from the playability of the game to the completion of the Cleft. Fortunately, Gehn 8 was released earlier today, bringing with it a number of fixes and the usual additions (although not quite as many as we may be used to by now). One aspect of functionality which was restored was the spiral door feature in the garden Ages! So gather up all your buddies and head on over to test the Eders!

For a full list of changes:

  • Make landing behaviors direction independent
  • Fix cleft imager
  • Fix SSE3 detection (SSE3 is a missed feature on old CPUs)
  • Fix crash exposed by unexpected localization data
  • Fix crash in the age patcher
  • Restore compatibility with x87-only CPUs (Fallback solution for old CPUs)
  • Restore BlueSpiral door functionality
  • Relaxed Splines

Deledrius posted another note on the forums about testing, though:

Please note: We've enabled the Tsogal and Delin gardens' Spiral Door puzzles with code which is experimental and needs testing from all of you! It's hard to get enough people together for multiplayer testing on our dev shards, so this one may be a bit unstable and we need Our Intrepid Testers to give it their best! Let us know what works, and what doesn't.  It'll be nice to officially take this one off the Known Issues list.

Translation Note: A Français translation of this content is available here.
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With Gehn v.7 Live! Uru Live! got unfortunately a lack of compatibility with older CPU's. In contrast to Uru Live! it was no longer possible on systems with those processors to play Gehn Live! . Thankfully the H'uru team was not pleased about that and has fixed the SSE3 detection, and added a fallback solution for older CPU's. You can read more about that issue in the GoW forums, this thread.


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